Hiring a Sling

Hiring from us

We stock a wide range of ergonomic slings that can be worn in keeping with the TICKS guidelines. Our trained Baby-wearing Consultants/Peer Supporters will talk you through the options and demonstrate how to safely wear your child before giving you the option of hiring a sling. If yourself or your child have any issues that may be affected/exacerbated whilst baby-wearing please check with your health care professionals that carrying is a safe option for you and let us know of any limitations so that we can try and find the safest and most comfortable option for you both.

Please be aware that when not on hire, the slings currently reside in a pet friendly home. We do not encourage the pets to come near to the slings but some transfer may be unavoidable. If you have a severe allergy, please let us know and we will point you in the direction of independent companies that offer try before you buy services of new carriers to minimise your risks. 


Details of hiring a sling

  • Basic stretchy wrap newborn slings are available for hire period of 4 weeks at a charge of £10
  • All other slings are available for 2 weeks hire for a £10 hire fee
  • Slings may be available for hire, outside our sessions, at our discretion. Hire fees will remain as above where instruction is required.
  • Hire fees are payable by either Cash or PayPal (goods and services)
  • Monday hires (excluding stretchy wraps) are expected to be returned at the next Monday session. If you can not attend the returns session, slings may be returned to a volunteers home (address details will be available at the hiring session)
  • If you’ve come in for advice about your own sling(s) we politely request a donation of £5 towards our overheads.
  • A library value of £20-£80 is associated with each sling depending on it’s cost.  If a library sling or any of it’s parts are irreparably damaged or lost, while in your care, we will ask you to reimburse the library, up to this value.
  • Please read the full Terms & Conditions before hiring from York Sling Library.

Caring for our Slings

Please treat the sling like your own while you have it on hire. We want you to enjoy using it and we know that it is nearly impossible to keep slings spotless while in use. We’ve listed some of our rules below but please refer to the full Terms & Conditions on how to care for the sling before hiring.

  • Please look after the sling and spot-clean any marks (mud, dirt, food stains, baby sick etc.)
  • Please keep the sling away from pets and other animals
  • Please keep the sling away from anything that may stain (oil, paint, pens, etc.), or anything that might damage it (bleach, scissors, Velcro, protruding jewellery such as engagement rings, keys in your bag, fire, etc.)
  • Under no circumstances is it permitted to smoke whilst wearing or holding the carrier
  • Please do not wash the carrier, unless it has been in contact with an infectious disease or the victim of something like a poonami!  Where the sling may need cleaned while on loan to you, please contact us first for advice

We hope you enjoy using your hired sling, if you have any questions or concerns during the hire period please email us or post on our Facebook page.