Location Information

Monday Library Sessions are held in the Tulip Room at Knavesmire Children’s Centre, which is accessed from Count De Burgh Terrace, at the rear of Knavesmire Primary School 

Travel Considerations

  • No parking is available on site however, on street parking is available locally, many surrounding roads have no parking restrictions.
  • Bus stops can be found on Bishopthorpe Road, Campleshon Road and Balmoral Terrace.
  • Prams and buggies are not permitted within the children’s centre – a covered pram/buggy park is available directly outside the Children’s Centre. Please do not leave valuables in your pram.

Children’s Centre Information

  • The children’s centre politely request that visitors sign in on arrival.
  • Children remain their parent or carers responsibility at all times.
  • Please do not use your mobile phone within the Children’s Centre or the grounds.
  • Hot drinks are not permitted.
  • Please take used nappies home with you.
  • If you need to bring snacks for your family please bare in mind that some volunteers or their children have food allergies and toddlers like to share! We’d appreciate it if you could avoid foods containing dairy or nuts please. 
  • A lovely welcoming open access playgroup, All Sorts, runs in the other Children’s Centre room at the same time as the library.  Please keep a close eye on any children who may be exploring when you enter or leave the centre and always close the gate behind you.