Woven Wraps

Woven wraps are long pieces of specially woven fabric which can be wrapped around carer and child to offer an excellent degree of comfort and support. Their simple look belies a surprising amount of technological development in perfecting the ideal fabric composition. Companies try to find a compromise between properties including support and softness, grip and glide. Woven wraps can be found to suit all tastes and pockets, and are a solution which can last from newborn to toddler and beyond.

Woven wraps are sized by length as shown in the table below and each individual manufacturing company has a slightly different width and length. Most people have a base size of 6. This is the size at which you can achieve a front wrap cross carry (FWCC). There are a number of websites and YouTube channels about wrapping that explain in detail how to perform various carries (different ways of tying the wrap) and appropriate sizes.

Woven wrap size Length (meters) Length (inches)
Size 2 2.7 102
Size 3 3.1 122
Size 4 3.6 142
Size 5 4.2 165
Size 6 4.6 181
Size 7 5.2 205
Size 8 5.6 220

The libraries woven wrap collection includes:
Didymos Teaching Wrap 3, Firespiral Kaleidoscope Amethyst 2, Firespiral Kaliedoscope Cobalt 4, Firespiral Librarian 6, Girasol Sierra 7, Hoppediz Curacao 6, Lenny Lamb Milonga 7