Slings Slings Slings

York sling library stocks a wide range of ergonomic slings that can be worn in keeping with the TICKS guidelines. This page is aimed at giving a general overview of the types of sling we stock and hopefully provide a starting point at demystifying the mind boggling variety of slings available.  Please follow the links for further details including stock listings.  Over the last few years the number of different slings on the market has risen almost exponentially.  Please do not necessarily regard a slings’ absence from the list as a sign we do not like it – we have a very long wish list!

Stretchy Wraps and Stretchy Carriers – long pieces of stretchy jersey fabric or simple carriers using this fabric which offer great support for newborns.
Woven Wraps – Long pieces of supportive fabric specially woven to mould comfortably around parent and child. Suitable for babies and children of all ages and offering the option of carrying children in front, hip and back carries.
Soft Structured Buckled Carriers (“SSCs” or “Buckles”) – Simple to use and quick to learn, these slings are available in both fixed widths and styles that grow. All allow for front and back carries with many also offering hip carries and forward facing outwards positions.
Half  Buckles and Asian Style Carriers – These carriers comprise a panel and a variety of different strap options, teaming aspects of traditional designs with modern materials, to provide fantastic positional flexibility and comfort.
Ring Slings and hip carriers – These Slings are worn asymmetrically over one shoulder, holding baby snugly and securely on the hip (and also for ring slings on the chest or back). These slings offer great support for babies of all ages, from newborns to toddlers who want to be up and down frequently.
Tandem carrying and Twin Slings – Solutions for carrying twins or children who are close in age. Including techniques for using stretchy and woven wraps, combinations of slings and even a dedicated Twingo buckled carrier.